Fun Tweak: Netflix’s ChromeCast Connection Screen

I have to admit, I have only been using Netflix for 2 months! Crazy I know, but it’s true. So far it’s been great but whenever I hit the cast button while looking at a show on my iPhone I get this screen.

It made me wonder a few things:

Why does this screen exist?

Why does Netflix not default to this device when its the only one that exists in the list?

Why does a UI option not exist to set a default ChromeCast device on this screen?

I thought about this for a while and then thought of a few designs that would allow for a default device selection option.

The more I thought about it though the more I came around to the idea that this may not be possible due to security / sdk reasons. This screen may be restricted in its ability to set default devices or simply default to the device when only one device is present.

Assuming the above, I figured what if anything could be done in this screen may be limited. Then I thought why not just have fun with it and tweak the UX a tiny bit.

My Updated Version:

Playing with the movie / show theme I used an old fashioned movie theatre curtain to set the mood.

It kinda feels like the show is about to start.

Then I also placed a “ghost” button around the ChromeCast link to increase its touch area. Now the links touch area it’s at least 44 px in height to make it finger friendly and hopefully increases its visibility on screen. I also didn’t duplicate the “Connect to device” text as I felt that was a bit redundant at this point, however it could easily be added back in, perhaps as white text along the bottom of the screen.

While creating this screen I had a follow up question come to mind:

How many ChromeCast devices on average do people own?

I am going to guess most ChromeCast owners have 1 device only. With that in mind I do not believe a design maximizing touch space around each device will run out of screen real-estate easily. I would also guess that the upward limits of the number of ChromeCast devices people own is 3-5 per home. I would be very interested to see the real stats on this. Perhaps I am greatly underestimating some users out there.

Finally, one final thought I had was that it could be even more interesting if there was a way to turn off lights in a home automation setup from this screen as well.

Hope you enjoyed this simple fun tweak / post. Thanks for reading.


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