Suggest Tweak: Night Time Volume Level Google Assistant

I posted earlier about an idea for Google Assistant on this site.

Read my earlier post:…-mockup-included/

Seeing it again I realize that my initial design was far too complicated so I decided to quickly redo the design.

Please see linked post above for context.


In the above screen the assumption is that the volume level would return to its previous day time setting when the night time quiet period ends. This information could be displayed via text on this screen, if UX testing revealed this assumption was not commonly made.

Hope you enjoyed this small update. Much simpler than before while still addressing the initial problem of an overly loud voice assistant at night time.

Thanks for reading.


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One thought on “Suggest Tweak: Night Time Volume Level Google Assistant

  1. Great idea, Jon! I run into this problem with Alexa all the time–especially after my kids crank the volume to listen to music. One other idea to consider: use a similar line/dot slider interface with two blue dots. The line would represent time between say, 12pm day 1 and 12pm on day 2. The line between the dots would be blue representing “nighttime”, and you could indicate the associated start/end times above the dots. That would allow you set the start/end times without having to use the drop-down interface.

    If you assume “Nighttime” is less than 12 hours, you could also weave this together with your previous clock-face idea (love the Skeuomorphism / match betweens system & real world). Use two dots on the clock with a blue arch between them. That would give you a longer line to play with (the circumference of the circle vs. width of the phone) which would increase the resolution of the time increments. But… you’d have to make the assumption that people understand “12” is always midnight (maybe a label?). To really know if it’d work, you’d have to usability test it. 🙂

    Advice worth the price 😛

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