About Jon

Dr. Jonathan Michael Haber

I currently reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and work as a UX Researcher at Robots and Pencils.

My work time is divided roughly 50% on pure UX research tasks (interviews, study design and review, software reviews, etc..) and 50% of my time is spent working with clients to realize and develop their research, product, and design visions.

I am still actively involved in the HCI / UX research community and regularly review for top research venues. I regularly contribute / present to industry and academic HCI / UX conferences and deliver invited talks to companies and the public.

My recent research interests revolve around mobile interaction with chat bots, proxemic interaction, and playing around with home automation technology. I also have a small collection of human computer interaction devices, inspired by the Bill Buxon collection.

My main site can be found at : www.jonathanhaber.com

I can also be found on Linked in at : www.linkedin.com/in/haberjonathan/