UX Device Collection

I collect human computer interaction devices, inspired by the Bill Buxon collection I first saw at CHI 2011. I have been collecting for the past several years. I look for things that are interesting, different, and / or foundational.

Bill and I talking about our Simon phones. 2016

My current collection (partial listing):

The IBM Simon Personal Communicator (simply known as IBM Simon) was a handheld, touchscreen mobile phone and PDA designed and engineered by International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) and assembled under contract by Mitsubishi Electric Corp. BellSouth Cellular Corp. distributed the Simon Personal Communicator in the United States between August 1994 and February 1995, selling 50,000 units. The Simon Personal Communicator was the first cellular phone to include telephone and PDA features in one device.

Note: Johnny Ive was part of the design team on the Simon phone. The home screen of the Simon phone and the iPhone are interestingly similar.

The Power Glove is a controller accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Power Glove gained public attention due to its early virtual reality mechanics and being shown in various forms of media. However, its two games did not sell well, as it was not packaged with a game, and it was criticized for its imprecise and difficult-to-use controls.

Note: I ordered my Powerglove using my cellphone will in the DMZ in Korea. The internet is amazing.

The Logitech MX air mouse is an interesting gyroscopic mouse that supports mid-air gestures and mid-air mouse interaction.

Google Home and Alexa Echo Dot are two voice input devices that I have been playing with a lot recently. I have them working with the  following products / services: August Smart Lock, Phillips Hue, Logitech Hub, Logitech Pop, Wemo Switches, IFTTT, Stringify.

Lenovo mini wireless keyboard with OFN for flexibility, palm-sized dimensions with backlit keyboard, 2.4G wireless and OFN (optical finger navigation) with left key function and slide bar.

Rii II Touch N7 -Wireless connection, bluetooth DSSS Radio transceiver, 100 feet Max range (15.1X6.1X1.25cm).

Logitech Pop – Simple programmable / smart home control button.

Harmony 650 – Colour programmable remote.

Harmony Hub & Remote – Home automation remote and hub.

Stone Soft Touch Powerbank  usb charger 2200MAH – Really interesting texture and feeling. The concept reminds me of this. Purchased in Seoul, Korea.