A Suggested Feature: Day & night volume levels for Google Home Assistant (mockups included)

Updated: http://ux.jonathanhaber.com/2017/04/30/suggest-tweak-revised/


Limited Volume Settings Leading to Unwanted Loud Google Voice Responses at Night


Allow the users to easily set day / night volume levels at their discretion making use of standard material design interaction elements.

Google Home Assistant is a great way to interact with your smart home devices, but sometimes Google’s volume level is not so smart.

Most nights I used a custom Stringify flow to tell Google Home “Goodnight” and a second later my TV is off and all my lights are turned off except for the bedroom and bathroom.

My Google Home responds “Goodnight!” with the volume set to wake the dead from my morning routine of listening to the news at max system volume while brushing my teeth.

A simple solution: introduce time / volume settings for Google Home.

Here is a quick and dirty mockup I made based on the current Google Home screens on iPhone.

I have added a new option in the settings menu for Day & night volume control. See above.

The feature itself is fairly straight forward.

  1. Enable the day / night volume control.
  2. Set a volume level.
  3. Set a day / night start time. 


This allows the user to, for example, always start the day at volume 9 once the time has passed 5:00 AM.


This means that if your significant other is asleep in the next room and it’s after 10 PM the Google Home won’t shout out “Goodnight” or “Performing Action” or “Turning 10 lights off” loudly waking them up.

Thanks for reading.

Note: This may not be pixel perfect as it is used for illustrative purposes only. Mocked up in Sketch.